The Iconic Late-Night Spot in Copenhagen

For nearly 40 years, Burger Palace has been a staple of the Vesterbro district in Copenhagen, serving up delicious burgers and pizzas to hungry patrons all hours of the night. Founded by Mehmet Alan Yücel from Turkey, Burger Palace quickly gained popularity among locals who appreciated a late-night meal after a night out, or after a long shift at work.

Over the years, Burger Palace has evolved and adapted to the changing neighborhood. Once a haven for night owls, including police officers, ambulance drivers, and late-night partygoers, it now caters to a more diverse clientele, including families and young professionals. The restaurant has even earned the title of "Denmark's Best Takeaway" thanks to its dedication to quality and service.

What sets Burger Palace apart from other burger joints is their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and their desire to go above and beyond for their customers. Brothers Sercan, Sertan, and Serdar, who now run the business, have continued their father's legacy by working tirelessly in the kitchen and ensuring that every order is perfect.

Burger Palace has also embraced the power of delivery, using Just Eat to expand their reach and increase their revenue. With a fleet of 16 scooters and four cars, the restaurant delivers around 1,500 orders every week, ensuring that their delicious meals reach customers who can't make it to the restaurant.

Despite some challenges, Burger Palace has continued to thrive, thanks in part to their commitment to improvement and their willingness to take customer feedback to heart. It's clear that the Yücel family's dedication and love for Burger Palace have helped them create a lasting legacy in Copenhagen.

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