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Merchants choose Flatpay for transparency and cost-effective payment. With a flat rate across all cards, businesses save money and gain clarity.

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At Flatpay, our primary goal is to empower merchants to succeed by providing exceptional payment solutions, cutting-edge hardware, software, and ongoing support. We focus on offering user-friendly, reliable services that streamline operations and enhance customer experiences, enabling businesses to confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape.
Our 24/7 support, transparent pricing, and strong commitment to innovation work together to foster growth and success for our merchants. By equipping them with the latest technology and analytics tools, we help businesses constantly improve their performance and stay ahead of the curve.

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I've found Flatpay to be the perfect payment solution for my business. The payment processing is fast and hassle-free, and the equipment has never given me any trouble. Their fees are reasonable, and I've saved a lot of money since switching to Flatpay. Their customer support is also top-notch - I've never had to wait long for a response and their team is always very helpful. I highly recommend Flatpay to any business owner looking for a reliable payment processing solution.

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As a burger bar owner, I've been using Flatpay for a while now and I couldn't be happier with their service. The payment processing is seamless, the equipment works flawlessly, and the fees are very reasonable. Their customer support is also excellent - I always get a prompt and helpful response. Highly recommended!

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Burger Palace

We have long been looking for a payment solution that reflects that we live in 2022 and not 2002. We found that in Flatpay. The guest experience is the most important thing, and Flatpays solution is very logical and user-friendly. The way guests can choose to tip is more logical and easy to use, and our guests have responded by giving about 30% more in tips, which is hugely validating for our staff. Additionally, we have experienced precise and attentive service, and an easy setup with the system.



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