The beauty go-to clinic redefined

Meet Dilan, the visionary founder of this remarkable beauty clinic called Avenique, where the art of beauty meets the precision of medical expertise.

With a background as a radiographer, she decided to fuse her professional knowledge with her passion for beauty in 2017. The result is a clinic that offers a wide array of services, including hair removal, tattoo removal, botox, lip fillers, and HIFU5D skin tightening and more.

What sets this clinic apart is not only its commitment to the art of aesthetics but also its dedication to the highest standards of medical care. Every procedure is performed with precision, safety, and your satisfaction in mind.

We're proud to partner with establishments like Avenique that prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their customers.

“Flatpay provided a quick set up. We were able to elevate the clients experience with the terminal immediately. Being able to take it into every treatment room has streamlined our payment process, making it effortlessly seamless and simple for our valued clients. The terminals' user-friendly nature not only simplifies turning them on but also makes training our employees a straightforward process.” 

Dilan's commitment to providing exceptional service and a welcoming environment is mirrored in Flatpay's mission to offer transparent and user-friendly payment solutions.

We're proud to support her in delivering quality and confidence to her clients.

Written by Melissa Radu - Marketing Coordinator