When bread and tech go hand in hand

In the heart of Silkeborg, Brandt Brød transforms traditional baking into an art form. This established family business is known for its dedication to quality, community and honoring traditional methods.

The integration of Flatpay seamlessly aligned with Brandt Brød´s commitment to maintaining their high standards and enhancing their customer service. With Flatpay´s simple, transparent fee structure and inclusive support, Brandt Brød can focus more on what they do best – baking with heart. Flatpay´s payment solution has enabled the bakery team to seamlessly care for their customers, streamlining backend processes.

“Flatpay brought me warmth of our bakery and the simplicity ouf our recipes to the payment process. Their solution is like our bread: simple, honest, and of the highest quality,” says the owner of Brandt Brød.

Brandt Brød invites you to taste the difference and experience firsthand how Flatpay supports traditional businesses in their modern evolution.