Tech meets tresses

In the dynamic heart of Berlin, where cutting-edge technology meets the art of hair styling, a unique story of innovation unfolds at Salon Mucini.

This salon has mastered the art of styling, specializing in hair, extensions, and nails, with a commitment to excellence that shines in every detail. However, growing popularity brought the challenge of efficiently managing an increasing flow of transactions.

Omid, the owner of Mucini, noticed that over half of their customers prefer non-cash payments. This observation led to a partnership with Flatpay. Mucini finds our sleek payment terminal not only enhances the salon's modern aesthetic but also provides transparency and efficiency, aligning perfectly with their values.

The owner of Mucini, highlights the key benefits: " Flatpay is incredibly fast... It's just a quick tap, and everything works perfectly, and my customers are happy. And the reliable 24/7 support from Flatpay further ensures that any queries are quickly resolved, portraying efficiency and reliability.”

The integration of Flatpay transformed Mucini´s transaction process. On busy days, the terminals demonstrate their value by enabling quick and effortless transactions. This adaptability has proven to be especially beneficial during peak hours and special events, where the speed and reliability of transactions are crucial; It allows the stylists to remain focused on their artistry, providing uninterrupted high-quality service.  

In this partnership, Mucini and Flatpay have not just written a success story; they have set a new standard in the beauty industry where exceptional service and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand.