A Flourishing Flatpay Success Story

Meet Jacob and Mathilde, the proud owners of Stilk Copenhagen, a flourishing flower business that came to life in 2021. As a passionate duo, they have dedicated their lives to the enchanting world of flowers and nature.

Jacob, an experienced sales leader, spends every spare moment nurturing their shared love for blooms, while Mathilde boasts an impressive 17-year career as a floral decorator. Born and raised on the picturesque island of Bornholm, Mathilde grew up surrounded by nature and hails from a family of artists and craftsmen. Today, she is a trailblazing florist, challenging traditional floral design and breaking the rules to deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers.

Committed to sustainability, Stilk Copenhagen sources their flowers and plants primarily from local Danish growers and greenhouses, which do not use harmful chemicals. When local supplies are limited, they ensure their imports leave minimal impact on Mother Earth.

As a happy Flatpay customer, Stilk Copenhagen has discovered a world of seamless transactions and savings. Flatpay's secure, user-friendly platform has revolutionized their payment process, allowing the duo to concentrate on their passion and provide exceptional service to their customers. By choosing Flatpay, Stilk Copenhagen has not only found a reliable payment solution but also a partner in growth and success.

"Flatpay has made our payment processing seamless and hassle-free. With their transparent pricing model, we always know exactly what we're paying, and we've saved a significant amount of money on transaction fees. As a small business, that extra savings makes a big difference. Flatpay has been a game-changer for us." Mathilde - Owner of Stilk and satisfied Flatpay customer.

Join Stilk Copenhagen and countless others who have embraced the Flatpay advantage – where simplicity meets financial savings.

Written by Rasmus Carlsen - Co-founder of Flatpay

Credit: www.stilk.dk