From Distortion to delicious smørrebrød

Meet Signe and Aysha, the dynamic duo that turned an idea into a thriving business venture, SMURT.

What began as a casual meeting at the music festival ‘Distortion’ evolved into a flavorful partnership that has now become a beloved café that offers open sandwiches, located centrally in Frederiksberg.

SMURT, with its charming storefront and mouthwatering selection of open-faced sandwiches, has quickly become a go-to destination for those seeking authentic Danish flavors. Signe and Aysha's journey to culinary success is a testament to their passion and commitment to creating delectable smørrebrød, inspired by the traditions and tastes of Denmark.

The success of SMURT is not just due to their culinary prowess but also the modern approach they've taken to run their business efficiently. And with the partnership with Flatpay, the payment process is both smooth and seamless. Flatpay's digital payment platform ensures that every customer's transaction is hassle-free and secure, leaving Signe and Aysha with more time to focus on what they do best – crafting exceptional open sandwiches.

"The introduction of Flatpay into our business has been a game-changer. It allows us to streamline our payment process, giving our customers a convenient experience while saving us valuable time. With Flatpay, we can accept payments with ease and focus on perfecting our smørrebrød. It's the ideal complement to our modern approach," says Signe.

SMURT's pursuit of excellence and operational efficiency has found a perfect ally in Flatpay's cutting-edge payment solutions.

Their choice to partner with Flatpay isn't just about enhancing customer satisfaction; it's also a strategic decision that empowers their business financially.

Written by Melissa Radu - Marketing Coordinator