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Accept all payments with ease using Flatpay's card terminal - no setup fees, low transaction rates.

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FLATPAY - A card terminal for all business

Get a cheap and easy solution to receive payments. It has all the necessary features and a user-friendly system. See the comparison table for proof. Besides the price, our customer service is also excellent. With our solution, you get Danish customer support 24/7. It's incredibly easy to get started, and you can become a customer whether you own a startup or an established business.


To ensure that card terminals can process cardholder information correctly, there are certain requirements that they must meet. First, the card terminals must be able to read the card's magnetic stripe. This stripe contains information such as the cardholder's account number and expiration date. Second, the card terminals must be able to connect to a payment processor to confirm the cardholder's information and approve the transaction. Finally, the card terminals must be able to print a receipt for the cardholder. This receipt must include the purchase amount, purchase date, and cardholder's account number. By meeting these requirements, card terminals can provide customers with a safe and convenient way to make purchases.

How to clean a card terminal?

If your card terminal has been used a lot, it may get dirty. Here is a quick and easy way to clean it:

First, unplug the card terminal from the power source. Then use a soft, dry cloth to dust off the outside. Next, moisten a clean cloth with distilled water, and gently wipe the terminal (NOTE only use a moist cloth, not a wet one, as the electronics cannot tolerate this). Finally, use a lint-free cloth to polish the terminal until it is dry.

That's all there is to it! By following these simple steps, you can keep your card terminal clean and in good working condition.

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues with Card Terminals

Despite their convenience and reliability, card terminals can sometimes encounter issues that can disrupt your business operations. Here are some common issues you may encounter and how to troubleshoot them:

  1. Card not reading: If the card terminal is having difficulty reading the card, make sure that the card is inserted correctly and facing the right way. If the card is still not being read, try cleaning the card and the terminal's card reader with a soft, dry cloth.
  2. Connection issues: If the terminal is having connection issues, check to see if it is properly connected to the power source and internet. If the issue persists, try restarting the terminal or resetting the connection settings.
  3. Error messages: Error messages may indicate a problem with the terminal's software or hardware. Refer to the terminal's user manual for specific error messages and follow the recommended troubleshooting steps.
  4. Battery issues: If the terminal is running on battery power, make sure it is charged or replace the batteries if necessary.
  5. Paper jams: If the terminal has a built-in printer and experiences paper jams, open the terminal and remove the jammed paper. Refer to the user manual for specific instructions.

If you encounter any issues that cannot be resolved through these troubleshooting steps, contact your card terminal provider's customer support for further assistance. They can help diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs or replacements to ensure that your business can continue to operate smoothly.

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